G- Ghost Town

If you’re in the US or Canada, you’re lucky because you just might live within a few hours of a genuine ghost town! No, not a town where ghosts live (sadly), but a town that has been completely abandoned by all of its previous inhabitants.

This website is a pretty fantastic resource if you’re interested in finding the one nearest you.

Here are some pictures from our ghost town adventure. It was developed a resort, but abandoned during construction. It was neat and definitely something I’d want to do again… I’ll have to investigate others!

Have you ever been to a ghost town? Where was it? Did you see any ghosts!?

C- Cliff Jumping

This is an adventure that will require some research on your part to ensure that you’re going somewhere that is known for its cliff jumping, and is safe. Safety comes first and foremost in this adventure, because while this can be so fun and so exhilarating, we want you sans injury.

That said, if you’re careful, this is awesome.

Get some friends together and find a lake with some cliffs to jump off of! Have fun!

A- Adventure in Your Town/City/State/Country/Etc…

I’m willing to bet that wherever you live has some pretty neat things to see that you maybe haven’t seen before.

This being the case, my friend Sean and I have set out with the plan to explore more of Arizona, play tourist a bit, and start seeing all of those wonderful hidden treasures that Arizona has to offer!

We recently went to Tonto National Land Bridge, so here are some pictures from that.

Tonto National Land Bridge is a bridge that naturally formed over time; a small waterfall cascades over the edge of the bridge. It’s quite remarkable.

The underneath of the bridge is remarkable because the rock has formed in amazing ways.

Hello Sean!

Playing tourist!

Is there anywhere nearby to you that you’ve always been meaning to explore? I’ve been meaning to get to Antelope Canyon for ages, so hopefully we’ll cross that off the list soon.

V- Vantage Point, Get Yourself to One

So, over the course of my travels, I met some truly incredible people, one of whom is someone I am now delighted to be able to call a very good friend. Sara has been a fan of ABC Adventures for a long time, so Brian and I have been talking to her online for quite a while now. When I decided that maybe my travels would take me to Egypt, I asked Sara if she would like to meet. We did, and we had a most amazing time. While there, we went to the Cairo Tower, which offered an absolutely breathtaking view of Cairo.

I feel like whenever you can get yourself to a high point that offers a spectacular view, then it’s something that must be done, whether it be a hill, a tall building, or whatever else is available.

The Cairo Tower

The view over Cairo at dusk

The view over Cairo after sunset

Cairo at night, with an excellent view of the Nile

Sara is to my right; the others are some of her friends who joined us that night.

So, what’s your favorite high up place with a good view? This is probably at the top of my list, though I’m not sure when I’ll get to go back.

A – Antiquing

Antique stores are full of tons of awesome surprises. You can find things from many eras, and you may be surprised by how useful some of it is. I’ve seen amazing toy grand pianos before, along with other musical instruments. I’ve made necklaces out of old skeleton keys that they have. Open up google maps, search for an antique store near you, and set off!

P- Party (Throw One/Go To One)

Parties. They’re pretty rad to throw, and definitely pretty rad to attend. As I was gone for so long, my friends threw me a superb coming home party, which was everything that is good.

The necessary ingredients are as follows:

1. Somewhere to have a party.

2. Good people.

Themes, and alcohol are optional, but I enjoy them as party elements. This was a moustache themed party, because we do love our moustaches.

Some friends played some cards…

And some other friends also played some cards…

And some others hung out in the kitchen…

And some wore moustaches…

And some were ridiculous, as is to be expected…

But there was much love to go around.

Much silliness. All night long.

Having someone shred on a guitar is also an optional element in the evening, but it provides excellent entertainment.

However, love is mandatory.

So, get some delightful people together in the same spot, and make a night of it!

Hello babies

It’s been a while, yeah!?

Well, we’re back and working on things. I know I promised you that things would get running again about a month ago, but hey, life is a busy sort of thing, and it’s taken a while to get back to business.

We hope you’ve missed us, and we hope even more that you’re happy to have us back! I’ve been gone a while traveling for a year… feel free to check out my ramblings about my journey over at The Misadventures of Miss Adventure, for travel inspiration and advice.

We hope to have this baby up and running from this point on, but as we’re still getting back into the swing of things, I think we’ll have updates every 5 or 6 days or so, and as we get back into the rhythm of it all, we’ll update more frequently.

It’s good to be back; we’ve missed you, dear adventurers. ❤

R- Roadtrip

Road trips are among the greatest things in the world, and if you live in the US… guess what? You’ve got countless highways that are perfect for that very thing.

Grab some friends, choose a destination, gas up and get on your way! Maybe go and visit a friend who’s left the state? Stay with family, or perhaps, if you’d like to meet some kind strangers who will turn into new friends, check out CouchSurfing. The opportunities and possibilities that go hand in hand with a roadtrip are endless, so seize the road and go somewhere new and exciting!

Below are some pictures from a road trip that Jen Adventure and I took to California. 🙂

Step one. Get yourself a driver. They’re fairly important things to have in roadtripping situations.

Step two. Make sure you have no shortage of good tunes. This step is of equal importance to step one.

Step three. Avoid these.

Drive safely and have fun!

I – Ice Blocking

(photos by Kelsey Rose)

The end of Summer is always incredibly bittersweet for me. On one hand, there is the desire for cooler weather and the feeling of boredom that can unfortunately become symptomatic of a complete lack of responsibility. However, I always get this sense that I haven’t done enough “summery” things, that I haven’t had enough smoothies or run through the sprinklers enough. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends like Liz Adventure who will do these sorts of things with me at the drop of a hat. This was our first adventure since Liz returned from Europe, and it was SO much fun.

Go to your local grocer or convenience store and pick up one of their big blocks of ice. They only cost about a buck or two each. You’ll also want to bring a small towel (hand towels will be big enough). We went to a park nearby that had huge grassy hills, but I’ve heard some golf courses can work too. Climb up to the top, put the towel on top of the ice, lift your legs, and slide away!

The best news

Fellow adventurers!

Today is a good day! You know why?? Alright, well, I’ll tell you. In mere hours, Liz and Brian, the two halves of the ABC Adventurers will be reunited!!!

And do you know what these means?


We hope you’re excited, because oh gosh, we are! See you soon!! ❤