V- Vantage Point, Get Yourself to One

So, over the course of my travels, I met some truly incredible people, one of whom is someone I am now delighted to be able to call a very good friend. Sara has been a fan of ABC Adventures for a long time, so Brian and I have been talking to her online for quite a while now. When I decided that maybe my travels would take me to Egypt, I asked Sara if she would like to meet. We did, and we had a most amazing time. While there, we went to the Cairo Tower, which offered an absolutely breathtaking view of Cairo.

I feel like whenever you can get yourself to a high point that offers a spectacular view, then it’s something that must be done, whether it be a hill, a tall building, or whatever else is available.

The Cairo Tower

The view over Cairo at dusk

The view over Cairo after sunset

Cairo at night, with an excellent view of the Nile

Sara is to my right; the others are some of her friends who joined us that night.

So, what’s your favorite high up place with a good view? This is probably at the top of my list, though I’m not sure when I’ll get to go back.


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